Sugar Facts

15 Fascinating Sugar Facts

Although you probably knew that too much sugar isn't good for you and that keeping your blood sugar regulated is important, there are probably some sugar facts that you weren't aware of.

The following is a list of 15 fascinating sugar facts that might make you think about the sweet tasting substance in a different light from now on.

1. Although sugar gives us energy, it packs a lot of punch into a tiny bit. In every gram of sugar, there are 4 kcalories which means that in every teaspoon of sugar there are 20 kcalories.

2. When your body has all of the energy that it needs from sugar, it converts the excess into fat and stores it. That is one of the reasons why people gain weight.

3. Although protein, carbohydrates, and fat also give us energy, our bodies take longer to digest these. Sugar, on the other hand, gives us immediate energy.

4. While sugar gives you a lot of energy quickly, it can also cause you to "crash" when the energy has disappeared. For that reason, you sometimes need more sugar in order to keep your energy level up.

5. The natural sugar content in fruit releases energy more slowly than the artificial sugar sweeteners that can be found in sugary drinks and cereals.

6. Since sugar doesn't provide anything but energy, it is often referred to as having "empty calories." It does not contain any vitamins or minerals that your body requires.

7. Sugar is able to act like a natural preservative which can keep some foods from molding or going bad quickly. Other natural preservatives include salt and vinegar.

8. Bacteria in your mouth can feed on sugar and then produce chemicals that can dissolve the white coating. When that happens, cavities form.

9. There are some experimental cars that are currently able to run on sugar. This sugar is fermented into alcohol which is then used for fuel.

10. Even though it is recommended that a female not consume more than 54 grams of sugar in one day, just one can of cola can have more than 35 grams of sugar.

11. Brown sugar is actually sugar crystals that have been prepared in molasses syrup with coloring and natural flavors.

12. The average American consumes about 40 pounds of sugar a year.

13. During the 16th century, 1 tsp of sugar in London cost about $5.

14. Even though they might taste sour, lemons actually contain more sugar content than strawberries.

15. Aside from being used in food, sugar can also be used to help asphalt harden. In addition, it is used in printer inks, textile sizing & finishing, and leather tanning.

There are hundreds of other fascinating sugar facts that relate to diet and nutrition, but one of the most interesting things about sugar is that it is apparently the only taste that humans are born craving! The next time you crave something sweet, just keep that in mind. It might not be your fault.