Blood Sugar Readings

Important Information About Blood Sugar Readings

Controlling your blood sugar readings has been compared to flying a plane.  You need to keep your blood sugar readings steady, the same way a plane needs to remain at a correct altitude.  If it is too high you can feel just lousy and too low is unhealthy.

Blood sugar readings calculate the amount of glucose that is in your blood.  Glucose is your body cells' source of energy that comes from the foods you eat and the cells flow through your bloodstream.


High blood sugar readings occur either because your body cannot make insulin or it is not responding properly to the insulin being created.  Your body requires insulin so that blood can enter into cells in your body turning into energy.

Hyperglycemia over time can cause a lot of damage to occur to vessels supplying blood to important organs.  This can increase your risk for kidney disease, heart disease and vision and nerve problems.  These problems usually show up in adults that have had high blood sugar readings over a long period of time.

Causes Of Imbalanced Blood Sugar Readings

Blood sugar readings can be affected by food, exercise and medication.  The three of these must maintain a balance.  You need to be sure you take the right dosage of your medication when you are supposed to and follow a healthy eating plan.  Exercise is important!  Even a simple walk everyday can be helpful.  Stress and sickness can also affect blood sugar readings.  A single high reading is not enough to make you worry but if they occur often then you need to let your medical provider know.

Signs Of High Blood Sugar

You can almost predict when your blood sugar readings are going to imbalanced by a few symptoms that you will have.  You will need to pee a lot and due to this, you will be thirsty and want to drink a lot of liquids.  You will probably have weight loss and you will feel unusually tired because your body is not using glucose to create any energy for you.

Diabetic Ketoacidosis

Monitoring blood sugar readings can help you to avoid diabetic ketoacidosis.  When your body does not have enough insulin, it cannot create fuel from glucose so it has to use fat.  Chemicals that are called ketones are released into your blood when this happens.

When the ketones are too high in your system, you blood becomes acidic which disrupts the chemical balance in your body.  This is called diabetic ketoacidosis and can result in coma or death.

How To Check For Diabetic Ketoacidosis

If you are suffering from diabetic ketoacidosis you will feel a bit like you have the flu.  Not only is monitoring your blood sugar readings important but you need to test your urine ketones.  If your urine keystone test is negative then your symptoms are not from diabetic ketoacidosis.  On the good side your symptoms are not diabetic related, on the bad side, you probably do have the flu.

Preventing Diabetic Ketoacidosis

The easiest prevention method is checking your blood sugar readings several times per day.  Sometimes you can have a high blood sugar level and not have any symptoms.  Without testing, you would not know and you could be causing damage to your body.

Eating all of your snacks and meals on time is very important and be sure to take the proper amount of insulin when you are suppose to.  Follow your diabetes management plan and check your blood sugar readings often.  If your readings are not where they should be for any length of time, consult your medical care provider immediately before you cause damage to your body.