No Sugar Diet

Is the No Flour, No Sugar Diet Really a Diet?

You could be mistaken into thinking that the no flour, no sugar diet is yet another one of these fad diets.  These days there are certainly enough of these diets to choose from.  You have the Atkins Diet and the South Beach Diet and Low carb diets and on and on.  In comparison to these diets, the No Flour, No Sugar diet advocated by Dr. Peter H. Gott is a refreshingly simple alternative.

It’s simple.  Exercise and eliminate flours and sugars from your diet.  Can’t get more straightforward than that.  Unlike the low carb and other diets there seem to be no great negative side effects to the No Flour, No Sugar diet.  So is this the answer we’ve all been looking for?

Who is Dr. Gott?

If you’re going on this diet, you might wonder who this Dr. Gott is.  Well Doctor Gott is no charlatan.  He is an actual medical doctor with a degree in medicine, not botany or business.  He has been writing a syndicated column on medical issues for a quarter century and is known for his defense of what is termed “patient’s rights”.

The Diet

Doctor Gott has at least four basic principles behind his diet.

First, KISS.  Keep it simple stupid.  Don’t ask dieter to count calories or learn the basics of organic chemistry.  Don’t try to get them to understand the difference between organic good cholesterol and bad cholesterol.  Doctor Gott has no doubt sent the data about science education in this country and he understands that the majority of us Americans don’t know the difference between an enzyme and an amoeba.  So keep it simple.  Flour is what looks like flour, sugar is what you think it is.  Let’s not worry too much about things that may or may not count as sugars and flour.

Also, as part of this first principle is the idea of not having any special food packages or dietary supplements. 

Second, Doctor Gott gives away his plan in a nutshell: no flour, no sugar.  Got it.  You don’t have to read his book to know how to follow his diet. 

Of course, he still gets the credit which will indirectly lead to book sales.  And he gets increased readership from so many people knowing about him.  But no one ever claimed there was anything wrong with self-promotion.

Third, the good doctor promotes exercise and a balanced diet outside of the “no flour, no sugar” stricture.  Given the obesity rates in our country, the lack of physical exercise and the amount that we all spend staring at lights on screens, this is no doubt good advice as is the balanced diet.

Finally, Dr. Gott makes the magic claim of all good diets, “He is advocating a change of lifestyle not just a change of diet”—that’s more of a paraphrase than an actual quote but you can certainly find the equivalent in his description of his diet. 


So is the no flour, no sugar diet a good diet plan? Yes, but you might notice something about this diet plan: ITS JUST COMMON SENSE!  Just think about it.  If you asked anyone on the street what they should do in order to lose weight, what would they say?  Don’t eat floury or sugary foods—foods that are likely to make you fatter.  Exercise and eat a balanced diet. 

This was a new idea.  Yes,  Beaver Cleaver had certainly never heard of it; and Ritchie Cunningham certainly lost some pounds with it.  The point is, these are just the common sense idea that any doctor, or reasonable person would give you: reduce the fat in your diet, exercise, eat a balanced diet and stop focusing on food as a source of your happiness.

Don’t we really need someone to tell us this?  Given Dr. Gott’s new found fame, evidently yes.