Recommended Daily Sugar Intake

Your recommended daily sugar intake

There are many different reasons you should limit how much sugar you consume to the recommended daily sugar intake.  Too much sugar can cause a whole host of health problems, from obesity and high blood pressure, to heart disease and stroke.  The American Heart Association recommends that all sugars and solid fats be eaten sparingly because they are discretionary calories.

Researchers at the American Heart Association now recommend that women should eat no more than 100 calories of added sugar per day.  The recommended daily sugar intake for men is 150 calories.  The place most people get the largest amount of added sugar calories every single day is in soda, so the easiest way to cut back on sugar is by drinking diet soda. 

There are also plenty of other ways to wean yourself off sugar and consume only your recommended daily sugar intake.  The most important thing you can do to start heading toward your recommended daily sugar intake is to start slowly.  Think about how much sugar you currently consume on a daily basis.  It’s probably more than you think it is.  Sugar is very addicting, so there’s no way you can immediately cut back to your recommended daily sugar intake.  One good way to do this is to slowly cut back on your sugar snacks.  Remove one sugary snack at a time and replace it with another type of snack like fruit.  If you use a lot of sugar in your coffee, start cutting back on the number of packets you use.

Another great way to cut some sugar is by mixing diet soda with regular soda.  This will get you started toward a goal of drinking only diet soda.  Diet soda does take some getting used to because it tastes quite different than regular soda. 

Another way to cut back on sugar is by granting yourself a daily sugar amount.  You tell yourself that you’re only limited to this set amount, so you better spend it on the things that really matter to you.  It’s okay to splurge in some areas, as long as you don’t go over your personal goal of daily sugar. It’s also important that you set some rules for yourself.  Only allow yourself to have dessert after dinner.  Make sure you don’t eat anything sweet after lunch.  You could also keep desert to even or odd days of the month or only certain days of the week.  You probably also want to stop keeping sugary treats in your home.  A cake or bucket of ice cream is just asking for trouble when you have a bad day, so it’s best to limit the temptations.  Make yourself have to leave the house to seek sugar, and you’re much less likely to eat it. 

Another hidden source of sugar you probably don’t even think about is your condiments.  Ketchup is full of sugar, so buying sugar-free ketchup will really help you cut some sugar calories.  Also don’t forget to read your labels.  Sugar can hide in all kinds of foods, so read every single label of every food you eat.